Gasper Guarrasi is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cannabis Advising Partners (CAP). His lifelong passion to make a positive difference for our planet and humanity was the driving force that led to the creation of CAP, initially a spinoff of Frog Environmental (FROG), one of California’s leading environmental compliance companies. Mr. Guarrasi began his career at Price Waterhouse Cooper as a Certified Public Accountant prior to becoming CEO of FROG. As CEO, Mr. Guarrasi grew FROG’s revenue from $400,000 to over $10 million in less than 5 years. Consistent with his mission of protecting the environment, Mr. Guarrasi also created Stormwater Systems, a water filtration equipment company. The two companies work in conjunction with one another and currently have 1,300 clients throughout the state of California.

In addition to his focus on safeguarding the environment, Mr. Guarrasi has always maintained a zeal for health and fitness. He started Certi-Fresh Foods, a food preparation and manufacturer for restaurants, grocery chains and food service distributors, which grew to over $100 million in sales and TRAINERbrands, a company that sold patented health, fitness and overall wellness products in all of the popular retail chains.

Mr. Guarrasi combines his extensive scholastic background, having attended Harvard University’s Entrepreneurial Studies Program, with his professional experience, in order to provide aspiring cannabis business owners with the tools to become profitable and sustainable cannabis industry leaders.